Are you looking to take your marketing efforts onto the web? Did you know that 75% of people looking for your business are searching on their computer, mobile phone or tablet? Don’t get left behind by just paper advertising or word-of-mouth. By hiring Build Epic Consulting, we will sit down with you, discuss goals, marketing strategies and lead generation on the web to increase your rankings, increase your website hits and bring more leads to your business. We are very specific with you to determine how to grow your business and want to make it more visible by using the following mediums:

Website Design

Make your brand stand out with a great looking, mobile-friendly website that will allow you to wow your visitors. We build sites that are designed for today’s users, whether that is for your desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Our websites are responsive, built with you in mind and designed to attract customers to your brand!

Content Writing

We have the ability to write with you in mind. Whether its content for your website, press release or blogging, we take your voice and put it on paper with creative writing skills that are used to generate excitement around your business and key components to draw interest from Google and other search engine sites. We write with search engine optimization in mind and position your business to increase your rankings in the search engines.

Our Services

Social Media

Social Media gives your business a voice in the community. With our social media strategies it’s about creating content that will engage your followers and allow them to communicate directly with the business. We have experience posting on all social media platforms and will use social media as your voice and a way to spread your content.

The key with social media is to increase engagement, respond quickly to incoming messages, use them to post relevant information in regards to your business and increase web traffic. Everyone’s business is different in regards to their social media strategies and it’s our job to create a social media strategy specifically to meet your business needs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Organic –

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that can deliver an incredible return on investment, but with more than 200 ranking factors in Google’s ever-evolving algorithm the key is hiring a company that understands how to work and evolve with it. We can help increase the visibility of your content across various search engines and devices using a customized approach. If SEO companies have burned you in the past, we want that to change and we want to provide you with a superior product and you’ll know what we do and why we do it every step of the way.

Our Job Is To Increase Your Traffic, Which Will Increase Your Leads and In Turn You Will Have The Opportunity To Sell More Products Or Services
Local –

In today’s world, everyone is on his or her mobile phone. Research has shown that four out of five consumers use their mobile phones for shopping, and that mobile searches lead to action nine out of ten times. Google and other search engines now include mobile users in their search results making it crucial that your company is represented in mobile search (Local SEO).


Do you have a voice in your company that you want to share with others? Do you enjoy speaking about what you do, why others would need to know about it and increase your business rankings along the way? Blogging is a great platform to write with key words in mind to help increase your business rankings Google and other search engines. Hiring someone to write on your behalf that understands the importance of using key words will allow your websites content to constantly change which Google crawlers like and if done effectively will increase your rankings while provider your readers with valuable content along the way.

Email Marketing

Email is popular especially when people opt-in to your email marketing campaign. Basically, this means they want to hear from you. Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people. Email is also a personal way of reaching your target customers. With an effective email marketing campaign it can be tailored to your customer to that every communication is relevant to their interest. Topics can include things that are going on with your company, new changes, requesting feedback and so much more. The key is to make the email interesting to read and giving your readers a reason to open. Our job is to help cultivate that interest, design the right template and put it all together for you.

Marketing Automation & CRM

Not only do we specialize in email marketing, but we also look at your customer database for maximum revenue opportunity. Whether this means building out high touch, recycled lead, customer loyalty, or specialized campaigns. We will integrate bust industry practices and can work with every email platform and CRM out there. 

Integrated Marketing

We are partners when it comes to marketing for you. Often times with our clients we become consultants for all their media decisions including outdoor, print, TV and radio advertising. With years of experience, we can look at you entire marketing expenses and assure you maximum return on your ad spend. 

Brand Development

From an idea or a need to refresh a brand, we have been there and built epic brands. Let us sit down with you and strategize, research and develop your brand. This includes art, theme, and all else. Nut to soup, we do it all. 

Public Relations

Most firms focused on paid and owned media. Meaning platforms your brand can control (website, social media, etc.) or pay to play. Little forget about the “earned media.” This is media you have earned based on your brand and message. Most often this comes in the form of news, word-of-mouth, and online “buzz.” We have over two decades of creating earned media. From DC to the Bay area, we have worked with brands big and small. Let us come in and do a deep dive on all your online and offline communication efforts and see what our Public Relations experience can do for you. 


If you want your website to showcase your great services, answer more questions, serve more customers, and deliver more sales, while you continue to focus on the day-to-day activities of running a business. Then you need our chat services! Within a few clicks, our advanced software will be up and running on your website offering your customers a unique experience of interacting with your business. Our expert chat team will become experts of your company and act as an additional support team to your staff with the ultimate goal of increasing time on site and sales.