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I have had the privilege of working with Ken and Build Epic Consulting in two different capacities. I first enlisted his services for a family business that was in desperate need of help with everything internet related. Ken and his team were able to seamlessly assume control of the company website, e-mail and all things marketing in less than 24 hours. He redesigned our site to not only look more professional but perform in the manner that it should have been all along. Ken retooled the business’ entire SEO plan and which increased traffic and leads almost overnight. Our business went from ranking somewhere on the 12th page of search results up to the first page.

Having witnessed first hand Ken’s dedication and ability to deliver results it was only natural that I chose him to help me launch a new business. Build Epic assisted me every step of the way from building a site, to marketing, to SEO and beyond. In a matter of a month, they were able to have us ranking on page one of all the major search engine results. Our web traffic has increased tenfold and we are seeing far more leads than we could ever hope to cultivate on our own. If there is ever a problem or a something that needs to be corrected either on our site or having to do with marketing, Ken already has it corrected before I even know it’s a problem.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ken and his team at Build Epic Consulting to anyone looking for anything related to internet marketing and web design. They work tirelessly to provide results and have always had no problem working with whatever budget I’ve had available. I can honestly say our business would not be where it is today without their help and we look forward to continued success and growth with them in the future.

Aaron Sanchez

Owner, Alpha Micropigmentation

When it comes to growing your business, you need a marketing strategy that will actually work. But who really has time to work “on” your company while you’re working “in” your company? When we brought a new service into the Phoenix area, we were fortunate to have found Ken Scheer with Build Epic Consulting. Ken has been able to engage our current and potential clients with daily creative facebook posts, interesting blogs, professional and informative email blasts, and so much more. It is so nice to be able to hand over this mighty task to someone who knows how to make our company stand out and grab the attention of so many potential clients. But how do we know all of Ken’s efforts are actually working? Well, we love that with Build Epic Consulting, we get very detailed reports showing us exactly how many of our clients are engaging in each different marketing strategy. We know how many people are going to our website (which Ken helped us build as well!), which pages they are spending the most time reading, and so much more. We have a brief meeting with Ken each month to discuss what outlet is working, what may not be working very well, and what we plan to focus on in the coming weeks. It is so wonderful to not have to worry about this part of our business! We trust Ken and his efforts to make the positive strides our business needs to grow to the next level.
Dwight and Stephanie Barber

Owners , Monarch Pool Services

Ken is a very detail oriented, hard working individual who I always enjoy discussing marketing with. He’s creative, thinks outside the box and truly understand the digital marketing space when it comes to visibility and community. Thanks for always working hard for me and building such a great website for my company. I enjoy working with you and will always recommend you to others that are in need of your services!
Chris Bartholomew

CEO, Revenue Consultant

They have truly been EPIC! They have really upgraded my presence! These guys are good, and should not be taken lightly, they will customize all needs to make your online presence, clean, popping, and fresh! I have thrown many curve balls to see what can be done and already in my 2nd revamp to have my site amazing just how I want it! Epic and specifically Ken has taken my vision and ran with it! I am continually surprised and excited to see the outcome and future updates!

Johnathon A. House

Owner, House Modernization, LLC

Ken is one of the most positive people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He, more than anyone has taken making lemonade out of lemons to an art form. And I’m truly amazed at the depth and breadth of knowledge, talent and passion he has in the social media space. Once turned on to it he just didn’t look back. I’d strongly recommend Ken for work and for partnerships, especially if it’s in an area that covers his sphere of influence. He makes things happen!
Eric Keosky-Smith

VP Business Development, Moses Inc.

Ken has vision and insight beyond his years. He is an absolute dynamo to be around and a hardworking individual to boot. I will continue referring clients to him because of the outstanding service he provides.
Michael Prahl

VP - Financial Advisor, First Financial Equity Corporation

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