Video Production and Virtual Event Services in Phoenix

Why add audio-video equipment to your capital expenditure when an all-around event production company can handle your videos and virtual events using the latest equipment?

Build Epic visualizes, produces, and edits promotional videos and corporate training videos that shine the spotlight on your brand. We can also be your partner in streaming video conferences and other types of virtual events.

Share your project ideas with our video and virtual event production team today. We’ll make sure it makes a mark on your audience.


We create displays & environments that appeal to retail, event and training experiences.

Create unforgettable experiences.

In retail spaces, we now live in an experience-driven economy. The way consumers spend is directly related to how they engage, and what consumers value has fundamentally evolved. As consumers demand the personalization of goods and services, the retail space is more of a playground instead of simply a place for point of sale, and shoppers are buying for self-identity instead of just for the products.

The physical space is also evolving. Detailed and tighter footprints with more curated product offerings are replacing the cavernous department and box stores stocked with products. Retailers are building epic technology, digital imagery, and video experiences throughout the in-store experience. Bring in more customers and hit your business targets by investing in high-quality video and event production.

In event spaces, we provide access to a suite of services that make staging events easier, more compelling, and more memorable for your audience. We assist with overall event design, procurement, technical labor, and training of audio-visual equipment to ensure your messages can be understood.

We can guide you to the right equipment to make your presentation look aesthetically pleasing and professional. And we can work directly with your staff, presenters, and event teams to ensure they are comfortable using their audio/video equipment to deliver your message.

From concept to design, our Arizona-based company provides the right audio-video equipment to professionally execute your training, fundraiser, gala, seminar, or PR presentation – you can be assured that your project is an EPIC success.

Talk to our event production crew for ideas about your most epic event yet. We’ll work around the clock to make it happen.


LED Walls
Digital Design & Engineering
Digital Content
Branded Staging & Experiences
Retail Entertainment
Digital Signage

We are audio video experts from beginning to end

With the investment of time, resources and energy that goes into putting on a stellar event, you don’t want to lose a moment. We’re a full-service event production company with over a decade of experience, specializing in planning and producing events large and intimate. We are a team of marketers, strategists, designers, editors, directors and managers providing you with a comprehensive solution.


We become your storytelling team across digital & physical canvases.

Full event project management and logistics coordination.
Our Project Managers specialize in handling the important details of live events and presentations. Every show has many moving pieces, so professional logistics coordination of the show flow is critical to making a successful production.

Allow our dedicated team to handle the details, so you can focus on the other important elements of your show.

Custom set and scenic design and support
Having an impactful stage set is an important component of a successful event.
We work with some of the best scenic and set design companies in the industry and can help you create the visual experience that will really wow your guests.

From LED walls to full fabricated scenic set pieces we do it all and if you can envision it, we can make it a reality!

Live sound support for conferences, seminars and events
At Build Epic we believe that the most important component to any live show is the audio experience and sound quality.
Our top-notch audio team consists of some of the finest audio technicians available. Many of our high-level technicians are graduates of the world-famous conservatory of recording arts and sciences and have extensive training on live sound acoustics and wireless technologies.
Live presentation support including graphics and full management of all visuals on screen
One of the most important components, from a presenters’ perspective, is having someone that is a master of presentation platforms and can navigate quickly with last-minute content changes, format changes and schedule changes. Our presentation technicians are experts at those programs and are masters of managing the real-time changes in show flow and graphics.

No matter the size of the show, whether it’s a multi-screen blend, an LED wall or just a regular screen and projector, we bring the necessary equipment and team to navigate through all of your content and graphics needs.

Live Video support and multi camera switching.
Our Cutting-Edge Multi-Camera switching system provides a premier experience to viewers at any level of the show experience.

Whether it’s watching on a screen, live in the room, watching on a webcast or watching an edited video program created from a live show, we specialize in creating world-class videos in the live event environment.

Webcasting support with multi-platform capability and simul-casting
Webcasting or Livestreaming is the technology of the future. At Build Epic we incorporate all
of the latest technologies to provide your remote viewers with the highest quality viewing experience possible through the internet.

We can customize the viewing experience of your virtual attendees and give them the exact show THEY want.

As many of our clients are E-commerce bases, we also have tips and strategies for monetizing your webcasts/livestreams.

Post Production support including video editing and motion graphics
We believe that the speed of the delivery of your video product is priceless.

Unlike many production companies, our editing is in house, so we have seamless integration between our live seminar team and our in house editors. Our team of top-notch video editors and motion graphics specialists work together to create the best quality results in the shortest time

Remote Communications support for virtual presenters
From Skype to satellite communications global connectivity has created the ability for high-level presenters to speak to conferences from anywhere in the world with good internet bandwidth.

Understanding the best and most efficient ways to bring a virtual presenter into your live seminar is as much an art as it is a skill. At Build Epic we regularly work with the most up to date technology platforms in the virtual presenting space. from Skype TX to full Satellite Communications, we know the best and most cost-effective ways to bring your virtual presenter into your program.


It’s important to feel like you can connect with the team that’s going to facilitate your grand event, right? Here at Build Epic, we manage every facet of your event production in-house. When you work with our crew from Phoenix, Arizona, you’re connecting directly with the team that will support you before, during and post-event.

We’re a nimble team that offers flexibility with our services, so we can scale the scope of our work. This means we can create a variety of solutions for different events and challenges.

From ideation to completion including planning, design, logistics, budgeting, production, custom fabrications and mobile marketing…we’re ready to design an experience that captures and inspires your audience.


You can stress over details, put together multiple contractors and spend time coordinating everyone…or relax with one team that can do it for you.

The secret to a smashing good event? Incredible planning and prep. Take advantage of our years of experience in the production business by letting us help you take all the steps to prepare with ease.

We’ve been in this long enough to know how to streamline and simplify the management of your event before, during and after. We can help you avoid the mistakes we’ve seen others make over the years, saving you time and money in the long run.

Planning + Prep + Production + Presentation

From your event entrance, setting the tone with signage, lighting and video displays to projecting images onto surfaces for grand visual effects, to special lighting and haze effects…our video production company knows how to bring together the elements to make your show sizzle.

Sometimes you may not even realize how the addition of a particular special effect can enhance the experience for your audience. We can share ideas and suggestions on what we’ve seen work based on what you’re aiming for.


Let’s take your event engagement to the next level. With high-definition video conferencing, recording your event to publish and offer afterward, live-streaming to increase access, creating huddle rooms for breakout sessions and equipment that supports a seamless presentation, you have many choices for your event.

Leading up to the event, we’ll consult with you to offer ideas and plan the right features for the outcome you want.

Our Phoenix-based event production team is a talented crew with a wide range of skillsets. You get to have them all at your fingertips! This includes video and lighting pros as well as designers and marketing consultants. We ensure your event carries the tone of your brand and that you have a content roadmap to promote it to the intended audience at the right time (before and after).

Our producers, presentation coaches, developers and designers also can create an app for your event to give attendees a way to interact directly, network among themselves and share your brand with valuable content.


Let’s Build Epic Together

Build Epic projects with our Phoenix video production agency. If you are ready to take the next steps with us to take your video production, live streaming, or event production to the next level, then let’s get started today!

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