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50.25% Average Open Rate

4.5% CTR

3.5 x The National Average

67% Average Open Rate

7.5% CTR

6.5 x The National Average

Unleashing the Power of Email: Transforming Your List into Revenue Gold

At Build Epic, we believe your email list is one of the most powerful and important assets in your business. Recent studies show that email is one of the most underused and under-optimized assets in most businesses.

It’s estimated that for every dollar you invest in your email marketing could generate you up to $42 back in revenue. We believe that the conversation with the list should be treated as a 1 to 1 conversation and written as such.

The goal is to create content that feels as if it’s written to the reader personally and it’s filled with educational and entertaining information that creates engagement.

As one prominent marketer said, “We want your messaging to be the most entertaining and compelling thing they’ve seen all day”.

This leads to the email list being a valuable source of revenue for the business and brand.

Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts with Build Epic Consulting

Allow us to breathe new life into your email list dynamics, unlocking the benefits of delighted subscribers eager to connect with you and invest in your offerings.